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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Halloween and Fall Decor

 Here are some pictures of my Halloween and Fall decorations.   Some I am happy with, others need some work for next year.

Some were thrown together just because I had stuff left to use and some were "carefully" thrown together.

The stuff on the china cabinet is of the first sort.   Better luck next year.

I love the little jack-o-lantern that is sitting on the dresser.   See the dust?  Obviously I've been decorating and NOT cleaning!  
This centerpiece was put together with stuff I already had on hand to imitate a picture I saw in Better Homes and Gardens....I won't show you that picture because it only vaguely resembles my creation.   I do like the concept, though so I will keep working on it until I get it right.  
  The witch is a marionette hanging on the guest room door.   She cackles and screeches when you touch her.    Normally she is turned off because she can be rather annoying but I turned her on when I heard Jessica and Kim were coming.   She scared the heck out of Jessica last week when she spent the night.    I'm mean aren't I?
Fall plates and my warty gourd.   (Oh yea, and the telephone cord, sheesh!)  And some of the 143 pounds of apples we picked.   No kidding, you do the math $93 @ 65 cents a pound.   My husband is a picking maniac.   Ask me about the elderberries he picked this summer...enough to make 50 pints of elderberry jelly.   Toast, anyone?
 The front door table.

These pillar candle holders are new this year, I glued them together from some vases and candle sticks I found at the thrift store, total cost for all three was under $6.   But they need something more dramatic to fill them with.   Right now they are filled with paper pictures.   Classy, right?   These have potential that is untapped by me, this year anyway.     Another work in progress.
This is the book case in the living room.    I have to say, I am beginning to hate this bookcase and am seriously thinking it needs to go.    But I have no idea right now what I will do with that space once it's gone.   Also it does provide a place to put some decorations.

I did a total no-no, though when I decorated this book shelf, and didn't put away the regular decorations when I threw the Halloween decor in there.   That is bad, bad, bad.    Makes the shelves look cluttered and the Halloween decor gets kinda lost.  I was lazy, though.
Taken individually, the shelves don't look too bad, but the overall effect is not that good.    Shame on me.    The only good thing is that these Halloween decorations will be gone in a couple of weeks. 

 The "Keep Calm and Scary On" picture is new this year.   It's a Halloween take off on the "Keep Calm and Carry On"  saying that is all over the Internet lately.    So you'll see that I am very much affected by what is popular at the moment and also have "Eat, Drink and Be Scary" in a frame in the kitchen.

The corner cabinet in the kitchen is my favorite.   This came together nicely, especially once I realized that I could leave my canisters and salt & pepper shakers on the shelves (since they are filled with items I use frequently) and just turn them around to the plain white side.  Brilliant!

Oh, well, enough about me and my scary (in more ways than one) decorating.   How is your fall and Halloween decorating going?

Monday, September 27, 2010

Ghost chairs - not just for Halloween

Have you ever heard of "ghost chairs"?   No, it's not some Halloween goodie, they are reinvented classic Louis XV armchairs designed by Philippe Starck and they're extremely popular right now.  They call them Ghost Louis chairs because the varied lines and formal geometry of the original Louis XV chairs have been transformed into a single form of translucent or opaque black or white injection-molded polycarbonate.  Here's a photo of a Ghost Louis Chair.
And here's a picture of the original Louis XV chairs that I believe the ghost chairs were modeled after.
I was thinking that this type of chair (the ghost chair, not the original) would be good in the spare bedroom since the room is so small.   This chair can be put somewhere and be almost invisible to the eye.   I found one at stackchairsdepot.com and it is perfect.   Look at my Crystall Chair here.   I just love it!    Here are a couple of pictures of it in the room.  

Isn't it cool?   And think of the options for Halloween decorating.   Just kidding!  I'm still trying to decide what to do with the desk.   I want to paint it or something but I'm not sure what just yet, so it'll stay as it is for now.

I've been dragging out the fall decorations now that the weather has turned a little crisp.   I'll post some pictures later this week.   Happy Fall!!!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Jamie Cooks It Up!

Dear hubby is back at school this week so I've had some free time on my hands.   Thus the 2 posts this week.    Anywho...I was looking at this wonderful blog Jamie Cooks It Up! and I thought that I would share it with you.    Go to Jamie Cooks It Up! by clicking HERE and you will see all kinds of wonderful recipes.   Jamie is very funny and walks you through the prep on all of her recipes.   And does she ever have some wonderful recipes.   YES!!   Here are some samples:

Sugar cookie bars (easier than cut out cookies and just as pretty)

Healthy corn muffins

Chocolate candy bar cake

York Peppermint Patty Brownies

Macaroni Grill Bread

Oreo Bon Bons

And if you think her desserts look good, my gosh, her dinner recipes are just as wonderful.   We tried one of her side dish recipes, Baked Zucchini with Mozzarella.   Yum!!!

She has a ton of recipes on her blog.   Unique recipes.  Recipes that look fabulous and that make you say "I want to make that".  All nicely organized.   Go check her out.   As I was looking through her recipes, I was saying Oh, Karen would like this, Kim would like this one, Wendy would like this or I know Joni would like this one.    Let me know what you think of her recipes.  

Bye for now.

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

beautiful women and girls

I finished some scrapbook pages that I started at the Mega Meet with Karen in May....   Yes, it took me that long...       The photos don't do them justice, but I wanted to share them all with you.   If you click on the picture, it will open up in a larger window so you can see it better.   I hope you enjoy looking at all of these beautiful women and girls.
Jessica's prom.   Jessica was 18, Emily was 3.

Kim and Manny's Wedding, June 6, 1999.   Wendy was pregnant with Erik and Karen was pregnant with Anthony.    Is there anything more beautiful than a Bride or an Expectant Mother?

This was taken at my house sometime after 1988.   Not sure the exact date.

My God Daughter's wedding.

My Mom, sometime in the mid-40's I'm guessing since I was born in '47.

Friday, June 11, 2010

I've been getting some things on my list done so it's time to share.    I took a photo-editing online course from JessicaSprague.com and I've been working on restoring some old photos.    Here is a before and after:

What do you think?   Cute kids!   Wendy, Kim and Shel.  Here's another of me.

What do you think?   Was the class worth it?   Each photo took me a couple of hours to fix, but I'm just learning.   I'll get faster as I do more.   If anyone has a photo they would like me to work on, I would be glad to do it.  Just let me know.

I also finished the bags I was working on.   One for shopping and 2 for recyclables. 

This bag is made out of a large birdseed bag.   It took me a couple of minutes to whip it up.   It's quite large and holds a lot of groceries.   I found the instructions here.

We've been using plastic shopping bags to hold our recyclables in the house until they get carried out to the garage.   Since we are using our own bags for shopping, we don't have as many plastic bags anymore, so I needed something to hold the recyclables.   I actually needed two since sometimes one bag gets a little wet or dirty, so I need a spare for when one is in the wash.    I had these cute "vintage" pillow cases that I just couldn't part with, so I whipped them up into some bags.   Aren't they super?  And they work great.   If anyone has a pillow case they would like made into a bag, just let me know.   They are a piece of cake to make and I'd love to do it for you.

After I finished the bags, I had to make a slight detour to make this cute little chalkboard to label my STUFF.   Could this be why I have trouble finishing projects.....I get side-tracked so easily.    The chalkboard is decorated with rolled paper flowers.   Instructions for this little gem came from Here.

Okay, lastly, I finished the door stop for home.    A little hedgehog.   Isn't she adorable?
And her baby, too?  I got the hedgehog instructions here.

One final thing.     I never wanted this blog to be all about ME.   I'm hoping that something you find here will inspire you to try something new or perhaps you'll see something that you would like me to make for you.    I'll do it gladly for you my family and friends.  Luv ya!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Hi...I'm still here

I've been feelin' bad because I haven't updated you all on what I've been up to in a while.   Trouble is, I've been up to a lot of things, but nothing (and I mean NOTHING) I've been working on is done yet.    I don't know why I start so many projects and then get stalled on them.      I'll get them done.  I have to because they are sitting all over the house in various stages of unfinishedness.    I think I just invented a new word, here.    Until they are done enough to show you, I will just tell you that I have been:
  • Taking an online class on "Restoring Old Photos".     I've just begun scanning old photos and working on restoring them.   
  • Making some new t-shirts.   Four to be exact.    One is done, three are in process.
  • Making tote bags for groceries and recyclables.   One is done two are still on my sewing table.
  • Stamping cards from the card sets I bought at the Mega Meet.     About 1/2 way through that project.
  • Trying to finish the scrapbook pages that we started at the Mega Meet.   Laid all the stuff out on the table (with the cards) and haven't done much.
  • Fixing/repairing jewelry.    Got Lisa's jewelry fixed and back to her.   Still need to fix Wendy's necklace.
  • Trying to make 2 doorstops.    One for the condo and one for home.    Started a crocheted one...didn't like it...scrapped it.    Started another one.   This one is done with a counted cross stitch sailboat and sunset on it...we'll see how that goes.
  • Coasters.   This is a new project.   Dick asked me to make a set of tumbled stone coasters for a fellow teacher that is retiring.    We also need another set of coasters at the condo, so I thought I'd make a set for there as well.    These are both still in the planning stages.
  • Working on some wall art for the condo....not making much progress.
Here is my daily dilema -

Are you still awake?    Boring stuff....nothing to show for much of this.     I promise pictures next post.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Lisa's 13th Birthday Party

Lisa celebrated her 13th birthday with a Glittery Spa Party.    I put together a scrapbook page (actually a double page) to help her remember the day.   Lisa is the lovely young lady with the red and white glasses.   She's also the one using cucumbers to remove those pesky "slumber-party" bags under her eyes.   Click on the picture to see a larger version.