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Monday, February 15, 2010

Master Bedroom makeover

The master bedroom is finished. Last week I hung the curtains. I followed The Nester's advice for a "no-sew window mis-treatment". http://www.thenester.com/2008/01/window-mistreatment-101-red-checks-style.html. Those shears used to be a long scarf draped over curtain tie-backs. I simply cut the scarves in half and hung the halves up with the rings.

The new color of the room is a light camel color. Not sure it comes across real well in the photo.

You can see the way the room used to look by going to the virtual tour that we had when the house was for sale. There's a huge difference!

I'm not planning on doing too much more to this room. I'm leaving the accessories and wall art minimal so there's not too much clutter for when we decide to put the house up for sale again. I want to redo the bedding, but haven't picked anything out yet.
Today is "President's Day Madness" at Michael's so I'm off to there to see what I can find and then to Hillers for something for dinner. So the menu today is a surprise!
Sorry about the first post with nothing but a title. I fat fingered something....

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