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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Mid-winter Break

Wow! What a great mid-winter break we had. A few days in South Haven and a few days with Kim, Wendy and the grandkids and we are all relaxed and satisfied.

In South Haven we chilled out, ate out (we ate 3 times at Clementines) and saw a movie (Wolfman).

In Illinois, we ate (GOOD FOOD!), played with Emily and Erik and shopped. On our way to Wendy's we stopped at Stein Mart and Kirklands in Orland Park. Lots of goodies there, but I guess we weren't ready to buy anything. That Orland Park is a treasure trove of shopping, though. I don't think there is any store missing from that area. Wow! You could shop for days and days and then some.

On Thursday we went to Family Fun Night at Emily's school. There we ate lots of popcorn, played bingo and visited with some of the moms and dads. Wendy and Brad both won raffle prizes!!!! Woo Hoo!
On Friday, we all (the Josephson's, Bedolla's, and Jess) went out to eat at Louie's. Yum is all I can say about that!
Saturday was devoted to basketball, shopping and more good food. Now you know why we are so relaxed and satisfied. Wendy cooked an excellent meal. Kim made a wonderful quiche and banana/blueberry pancakes for us for our breakfasts and made umpteen pots of coffee. Thanks Kim and Manny, Wendy and Brad for your wonderful hospitality.

Here are some pictures of Erik (#21) playing basketball, the snowman that Grandpa, Emily and Erik made and Erik having some fun with a pair of "rainbow-vision" glasses Grandpa brought to play with.

One very sad note to add - On Saturday, Kim and Manny lost two of their beloved pets. Gunner, their dog and Chula the cat. Such a sad, sad day for Kim and Manny, way too much sadness for one day. Gunner had to be put to sleep after being sick for almost a year and Chula died of old age. We will all miss Gunner and Chula. They were both part of our family.

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