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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

We're back from Spring break in Arizona and I'm catching up on my blog reading.    Here are some super cute things I've seen while reading.   

Mix mingle glow made this uber cute centerpiece with PEEPS.   Isn't it sweet?    Have to file that away in my memory bank for next year.

And this idea from Midwest Living magazine.   Now I'm on the lookout for an old umbrella.   Has to have that wonderful curved wooden handle.

Here's a printable menu planner that I really like.   I've seen these many times before, but this one fits my style of planning perfectly.    Here is where you can get your own copy if you like it, too.

Here is a great idea!    I'm thinking this may be an idea for a corner of the small bedroom at the condo.    It's made out of a bi-fold door and some moulding.   If you would like the instructions, you can find them Here.  It actually looks very easy to do.    I think I could even do it by myself ;-)

And this just blows me away!     I saw this and wanted to get dressed (I was still in my PJ's) and rush down to the Ann Arbor Reuse Center.   They ALWAYS have these old light fixtures there.   Then I though....where would I put it?   I don't have a large hallway like they do.   How about over the table at the condo?   Need a new light there, but NO, the drum shade would take up a lot of space in that small area.    Oh, well, I'll keep thinking....    Look at the before and after of these chandeliers.   Wow!!!

From this.....

To this....

Do you believe that?    If you want to see the complete how to do it....go Here

That's it for today, I've caught up on everything that was happening in my little corner of blogland.    Later this week I'll share some details of Spring Break.   See you soon.

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  1. Mom, Love the cute center pc. Wow with the old lights, what if you did one for the corner of the condo,small bedroom and couch area? Just a thought, its so cute. Any way great blog Kim