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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Hi...I'm still here

I've been feelin' bad because I haven't updated you all on what I've been up to in a while.   Trouble is, I've been up to a lot of things, but nothing (and I mean NOTHING) I've been working on is done yet.    I don't know why I start so many projects and then get stalled on them.      I'll get them done.  I have to because they are sitting all over the house in various stages of unfinishedness.    I think I just invented a new word, here.    Until they are done enough to show you, I will just tell you that I have been:
  • Taking an online class on "Restoring Old Photos".     I've just begun scanning old photos and working on restoring them.   
  • Making some new t-shirts.   Four to be exact.    One is done, three are in process.
  • Making tote bags for groceries and recyclables.   One is done two are still on my sewing table.
  • Stamping cards from the card sets I bought at the Mega Meet.     About 1/2 way through that project.
  • Trying to finish the scrapbook pages that we started at the Mega Meet.   Laid all the stuff out on the table (with the cards) and haven't done much.
  • Fixing/repairing jewelry.    Got Lisa's jewelry fixed and back to her.   Still need to fix Wendy's necklace.
  • Trying to make 2 doorstops.    One for the condo and one for home.    Started a crocheted one...didn't like it...scrapped it.    Started another one.   This one is done with a counted cross stitch sailboat and sunset on it...we'll see how that goes.
  • Coasters.   This is a new project.   Dick asked me to make a set of tumbled stone coasters for a fellow teacher that is retiring.    We also need another set of coasters at the condo, so I thought I'd make a set for there as well.    These are both still in the planning stages.
  • Working on some wall art for the condo....not making much progress.
Here is my daily dilema -

Are you still awake?    Boring stuff....nothing to show for much of this.     I promise pictures next post.

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  1. WOW you have been busy!!! Can't wait to see it all!!!