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Friday, June 11, 2010

I've been getting some things on my list done so it's time to share.    I took a photo-editing online course from JessicaSprague.com and I've been working on restoring some old photos.    Here is a before and after:

What do you think?   Cute kids!   Wendy, Kim and Shel.  Here's another of me.

What do you think?   Was the class worth it?   Each photo took me a couple of hours to fix, but I'm just learning.   I'll get faster as I do more.   If anyone has a photo they would like me to work on, I would be glad to do it.  Just let me know.

I also finished the bags I was working on.   One for shopping and 2 for recyclables. 

This bag is made out of a large birdseed bag.   It took me a couple of minutes to whip it up.   It's quite large and holds a lot of groceries.   I found the instructions here.

We've been using plastic shopping bags to hold our recyclables in the house until they get carried out to the garage.   Since we are using our own bags for shopping, we don't have as many plastic bags anymore, so I needed something to hold the recyclables.   I actually needed two since sometimes one bag gets a little wet or dirty, so I need a spare for when one is in the wash.    I had these cute "vintage" pillow cases that I just couldn't part with, so I whipped them up into some bags.   Aren't they super?  And they work great.   If anyone has a pillow case they would like made into a bag, just let me know.   They are a piece of cake to make and I'd love to do it for you.

After I finished the bags, I had to make a slight detour to make this cute little chalkboard to label my STUFF.   Could this be why I have trouble finishing projects.....I get side-tracked so easily.    The chalkboard is decorated with rolled paper flowers.   Instructions for this little gem came from Here.

Okay, lastly, I finished the door stop for home.    A little hedgehog.   Isn't she adorable?
And her baby, too?  I got the hedgehog instructions here.

One final thing.     I never wanted this blog to be all about ME.   I'm hoping that something you find here will inspire you to try something new or perhaps you'll see something that you would like me to make for you.    I'll do it gladly for you my family and friends.  Luv ya!


  1. Mom, OMG how cute everything is!!!! Love the hedgehog door stop. Love the grocery bag, and your class on fixing old photos was soooo worth it. Love your daughter Kim

  2. I was debating about Jessica's class as well, but just running out of time and still haven't finished like 2 other classes from her! But man, you did a great job, that first one looks REALLY good! I'd say it is worth it.
    --> Amy C
    That little hedgehog is SO cute!! How do you find all these nifty little things to make ;- )

  3. Hi I just love the hedgehogs, do you have a pattern and instructions that you would share?
    Joan Ford
    Womens institute member