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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Halloween and Fall Decor

 Here are some pictures of my Halloween and Fall decorations.   Some I am happy with, others need some work for next year.

Some were thrown together just because I had stuff left to use and some were "carefully" thrown together.

The stuff on the china cabinet is of the first sort.   Better luck next year.

I love the little jack-o-lantern that is sitting on the dresser.   See the dust?  Obviously I've been decorating and NOT cleaning!  
This centerpiece was put together with stuff I already had on hand to imitate a picture I saw in Better Homes and Gardens....I won't show you that picture because it only vaguely resembles my creation.   I do like the concept, though so I will keep working on it until I get it right.  
  The witch is a marionette hanging on the guest room door.   She cackles and screeches when you touch her.    Normally she is turned off because she can be rather annoying but I turned her on when I heard Jessica and Kim were coming.   She scared the heck out of Jessica last week when she spent the night.    I'm mean aren't I?
Fall plates and my warty gourd.   (Oh yea, and the telephone cord, sheesh!)  And some of the 143 pounds of apples we picked.   No kidding, you do the math $93 @ 65 cents a pound.   My husband is a picking maniac.   Ask me about the elderberries he picked this summer...enough to make 50 pints of elderberry jelly.   Toast, anyone?
 The front door table.

These pillar candle holders are new this year, I glued them together from some vases and candle sticks I found at the thrift store, total cost for all three was under $6.   But they need something more dramatic to fill them with.   Right now they are filled with paper pictures.   Classy, right?   These have potential that is untapped by me, this year anyway.     Another work in progress.
This is the book case in the living room.    I have to say, I am beginning to hate this bookcase and am seriously thinking it needs to go.    But I have no idea right now what I will do with that space once it's gone.   Also it does provide a place to put some decorations.

I did a total no-no, though when I decorated this book shelf, and didn't put away the regular decorations when I threw the Halloween decor in there.   That is bad, bad, bad.    Makes the shelves look cluttered and the Halloween decor gets kinda lost.  I was lazy, though.
Taken individually, the shelves don't look too bad, but the overall effect is not that good.    Shame on me.    The only good thing is that these Halloween decorations will be gone in a couple of weeks. 

 The "Keep Calm and Scary On" picture is new this year.   It's a Halloween take off on the "Keep Calm and Carry On"  saying that is all over the Internet lately.    So you'll see that I am very much affected by what is popular at the moment and also have "Eat, Drink and Be Scary" in a frame in the kitchen.

The corner cabinet in the kitchen is my favorite.   This came together nicely, especially once I realized that I could leave my canisters and salt & pepper shakers on the shelves (since they are filled with items I use frequently) and just turn them around to the plain white side.  Brilliant!

Oh, well, enough about me and my scary (in more ways than one) decorating.   How is your fall and Halloween decorating going?